Payment Security

PaddleGurus uses Stripe as our 3rd party processing.

Using the Stripe API, PG redirects you to Stripe when you click "Register"

The Stripe popup for payment, is as secure as any payment system on the web. Here is a link to their security info as well as their below documentation.


Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do. If you have any questions, or encounter any issues, please contact us at


Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to  PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.


Stripe forces HTTPS for all services, including our public website. We regularly audit the details of our implementation: the certificates we serve, the certificate authorities we use, and the ciphers we support. We use  HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Stripe only over HTTPS. Stripe is also on the HSTS preloaded lists for both Chrome and Firefox.
For more about implementing SSL on your own website, read our  SSL guide.


All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe's internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. Stripe's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn't share any credentials with Stripe's primary services (API, website, etc.).


We rapidly investigate all reported security issues. If you believe you've discovered a bug in Stripe's security, please get in touch at (optionally using our PGP key at the bottom of this page). We will respond as quickly as possible to your report. We request that you not publicly disclose the issue until it has been addressed by Stripe.

Vulnerability Reward Program

We understand the hard work that goes into security research. To show our appreciation for researchers who help us keep our users safe, we operate a reward program for responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities. Stripe rewards the confidential disclosure of any design or implementation issue that could be used to compromise the confidentiality or integrity of our users' data (such as by bypassing our login process, injecting code into another user's session, or instigating action on another user's behalf). A minimum reward of $500 USD may be provided for the disclosure of qualifying bugs. At our discretion, we may increase the reward amount based on the creativity or severity of the bugs.
If you report a vulnerability that does not qualify under the above criteria, we may still provide a minimum reward of $100 USD if your report causes us to take specific action to improve Stripe's security.
As with most security reward programs, we ask that you use common sense when looking for security bugs. Vulnerabilities must be disclosed to us privately with reasonable time to respond, and avoid compromise of other users and accounts, or loss of funds, which are not your own. We do not reward denial of service, spam, or social engineering vulnerabilities. Although Stripe itself and all services offered by Stripe are eligible, vulnerabilities in third-party applications which use Stripe are not.
And finally, as with most security reward programs, we have a couple restrictions. We will only reward the first person to responsibly disclose a bug to us. Any bugs that are publicly disclosed without providing us a reasonable time to respond will not be rewarded. Whether to reward the disclosure of a bug and the amount of the reward is entirely at our discretion, and we may cancel the program at any time. Your testing must not violate any laws. We can't provide you a reward if it would be illegal for us to do so, such as to residents of countries under current U.S. sanctions (e.g. North Korea, Libya, Cuba, etc.).
Thank you for helping keep Stripe, our users, and their customers safe!


Our PGP key is below. You can use this key to encrypt your communications with Stripe, or verify signed messages you receive from Stripe. (Unfamiliar with PGP? Have a look at  GPG, and start by importing a public key.)

  • Key ID: 57ABFF46
  • Key type: RSA
  • Key size: 2048
  • Fingerprint:
    C330 33E4 B583 FE61 2EDE 877C 05D0 2D3D 57AB FF46
  • User ID:

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQENBE0p5i8BCACzUo9c/yHn8djvQUhS5nuOfv7r0eAlsUWEajorwOwBkF/6blgT cpUBc3YzTAkvH86wVKfmgAnlKqZJnwK5i/8ZfBuP1a6bCgQBYecXipW4fS1U8tTj 2tgg8eIApcDenCPVMxX+rd8iJD4SwQSK/uZblG4qsbQd3JbTBgVV0pepr2SmTiEu E/hbqXCB6KkNpQNqnRNlmx29nC7vnjH7hjZdsLCNJEJnEO/MDR5Ae2rKobFBfJxS BGi2H2I6/GfQZ1/5/02nHX949d41jDsdoz144Kjy8g2qzSHjVIP0jZVeHb6HGqH4 arMVP+UBAmWCUDWl0wxrwz80jgkomOlvRVm5ABEBAAG0HFN0cmlwZSA8c2VjdXJp dHlAc3RyaXBlLmNvbT6JATgEEwECACIFAlAtdDUCGwMGCwkIBwMCBhUIAgkKCwQW AgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEAXQLT1Xq/9GfegH/1xuYHWcsvg0fEF/2NpdqSDsdJWSniXS bI2BRb3zvKr4aQDFnBSOzBAzlHDfztLP1lldHhm70C3EFT9qgCLTvAL2VE8+O+Cq Ur8/WcsqaUDVh5+siSPDgHM+sJYSC7kvNiKia/h9GxqjQj83GuYsZUAYw9i+hlfY kuRSpFd3Xubn8XktGeE/BgwvoNtNFa/Q49vHlB/IGqA6Yo/u5p46N6naDyOimUtV xxEwtQ/TjerykmHifkFOgp3TW5ZpxPhEgtkzeoL6bcZXceW8kZ3xrm1uX4MK8s+Q AOnOvHDPRk7gXnHpzAELRBfKZp7kRwJut4RMA40Sd5AMhxuoxdw2eFO0G1N0cmlw ZSA8c3VwcG9ydEBzdHJpcGUuY29tPokBOwQTAQIAJQIbAwYLCQgHAwIGFQgCCQoL BBYCAwECHgECF4AFAlAtdGcCGQEACgkQBdAtPVer/0Zv7gf9GV7Sb0+E728Ce/BJ 4Q2CwFi+hI+9iLVfCRc0EvcnaqhpONSG0e5ZgTNj6N3vA/3MTdwGupFb0XqPkpCl kxs/hxGvyiS52tU6nzXfTp2jTuzbb41b7aJQi2Dhjvb4ngT7L5jlsHxTsm+XsuAY CfAJ3F6a1m8/clK6mMqe5dm5xo3l5zomd2rYl69WqojwW1ugw5TAlFj1628KnON4 82LRMimr8+szM01jjVYWoVyC1DBmQP7gjgsUaWC2WtKBQroZnLxEQBu8ofkcEPEP +78erAUi3018HPQs3OOftD/aK88DnV5RxWFbWba712zPkSHosicSySDgrOrk28Wm Mnpuj7kBDQRNKeYvAQgAtD+gLSOKhldrxxEMG91qPaEnIazsxhZUtAg6k2mx+N72 6rNVrU5ogQ7iuzV1Ce/N0MkNm8w1MPeuKH4hdDWaiJ3c4npPFuH/AWMqUVDdUuv6 TmmJBUMfNMfC05x+CQe1xOfCRpkZLvno4VE5abT3A6HvFSiOgl5m01MBJLvK7qTD sjKxsofrO51p8/inJI+dejk3bci3hIkHndUpqz1Ch51pVjr5eH+PvLK2VBzKt7TD qC5bN/7daxr+aGzsAyZET+z9eFZtVcLovawcsXoTqw/yfAOLiOJ857auCZb+PMim z9KkLplsg0hVU/9BP2mefJ60PPuNRDOi7DjacjJKmwARAQABiQEfBBgBAgAJBQJN KeYvAhsMAAoJEAXQLT1Xq/9G6foH/iscBFMJzTxx/s8G0W0se36oO7nIx7wr3l2y 02NYmofmgnIZKJVpyGkLjiwyRr4Etkp9Rc/F864Dby3VEQmtLRBh3fAycZC5otHF SQRWPPCP8UIY72yH4bC4nWtCIyqOUoHue6s9AxkHQjT7/iKyeEHtoutRGgJjHrQQ hYxYQtBEx5OEGxlqevU1nWCZkM8fnw22B/cEsp4gd0XwGiW03MngGQKucZD3JCfO +psIz0h4/IEj9Px90C7ND3cC4Wo16LMykfVkRKabujfqf/oOxIX4FfrBaO4uf9kS byTF1YzeB4zkxiJBMKfpQ44RSXI/u2YGW4KAqSX+bKsuLpPTJvA= =vXh2 -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Thanks again and happy paddling!

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