How do I create a race on PaddleGuru?

PaddleGuru makes it easy to create a race and get it published online. Within five minutes, you can get a race page up and start collecting registrations and entry fees.

To get started, head over to our  Create a Race form. (You can access this directly or from the "Create a Race" link on our organizers page.

Race Name

The race name is used to generate the URL for your race page, so it has to be unique across PaddleGuru. The URL is the race's name, with any special characters and spaces stripped out. For example the link for "Kumu'ohu Challenge" would become "".
If you have a race that repeats each year with the same name, we recommend adding the year to the title, as in "2014 Kumu'ohu Challenge".
You can always change the race name later! Just be aware that the hyperlink to your race page will change as well.


Enter your Venue's location. This will center the map over the location you entered and drop a pin in the center.
The location you set here will show up the "Directions" tab of your race page. (See the  Kumu'ohu directions tab for an example.)
PaddleGuru uses the exact address you type to generate driving directions for athletes. If you want the map centered on the course start line, you can drag the pin around the map without affecting the location.

Start Date and End Date

If your race takes place on one day, enter that date for the start and end date.
Check the box to acknowledge PaddleGuru's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the "Create Race" button, and you're done!
If all of your inputs look good, PaddleGuru will redirect you to your new race page. (The page isn't live by default; once you're happy with the look, you can manually open it up for registrations.)

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