Participant Numbering Option: Temporary Tattoo's for body Numbers

One option for participant numbering:

Being able to see who is in the lead of a race is much easier when you can read the numbers on their arms. temporary tattoos keep you in the lead when it comes to body marking. Our skin safe, lab tested SporTats are commonly used in triathlons and we are now we have made the transition to SUP racing. SporTats are available with or without a sponsor's logo at the top. Each number is outlined with your choice of colors. They are visible on all skin tones and over existing tattoos. The costs are very low compared with the safety they bring to an event.

$1.15/each for any quantity. SporTats come as a double-set. 1 strip of numbers for the upper Left arm and 1 set of numbers for the upper Right arm.

$1.35/each for any quantity of customized SporTats. These come with your logo or a sponsor's logo, at the top of the numbers. An example of each type was attached to my original email.

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