How do I edit my credit card info at checkout?

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We don't actually file credit cards - 3rd party payment processor) popup that comes up during payment actually handles all of this. They'll store it if you ask them to remember your details, but you should be able to edit the number at any point. (


Getting Started Storing your Payment Information with Stripe

  1. Account Registration Click "Remember me" to securely store your credit card info for faster checkout on this and other sites that use Stripe.
  2. One-Click Payments On this computer, when you come back to any other participating site, your credit card info will already be filled in: just click Pay to confirm your purchase. You can edit the card number if you need to. Stripe will store the one you used most recently.
    • Authentication Your credit card is linked to your email address and your mobile phone number. To pay with Stripe on a different computer, or after you log out, just enter your email address during checkout and Stripe will instantly send you a text message to verify your identity.

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