How do I edit my races general info: Including race name, location, start and end date, race status, adding admin, and private startlists.

This section explains the options under your race's "Edit General" section. You can access this section by selecting "Edit" from the blue admin bar on your race, then selecting "General Info".

Race Name

This is your race's title. PaddleGuru uses this to build hyperlinks to your race's main page and registration page. You can change the title, but note that this will break your existing links!


PaddleGuru uses the location on the "Directions" tab of your race page.

Start Date and End Date

These dates are used to position your race in PaddleGuru's race directory. If your race takes place on a single day, enter the same day for start date and end date.

Race Status

This is the toggle that takes your race live. By default, only you and other administrators you add are able to see the race page. If you set the status to "Published", the race will show up in  our directory, and users will be able to register for the race. If you set this to published, congratulations!

Adding More Administrators

In addition to yourself, you can add two other admins. They must have PaddleGuru accounts. Start typing their username or full name and the field will autocomplete. Once you see the name you want, click it to fill in the field and save the page.

 Private Startlist

If you don't want your race page to show the names of registered paddlers, set "Private Startlist" to "Yes". PaddleGuru will hide registered paddlers from the "Startlist" tab.

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