How do I edit my Race Page tabs?

PaddleGuru lets you customize a number of tabs on your race page with arbitrary HTML. Use the embedded editors to write text for each of the tabs. You can also add images or videos; all HTML is good to go.

Race Main Tab

This input will show up below the main image on your webpage. Use this tab to give an overview of your race; what's the history? What's the venue like? This is your race's main pitch.

Race Schedule Tab

Use this tab to list out your event schedule, so athletes can plan their travel accordingly.

Course Map Tab

If you have an image of your race's course overlaid on a map, upload it here and add any text you need to describe subtleties of the course. Spectators use this information to figure out where they need to be on the course to see their athletes passing.

Directions Tab

The info you add here will show up below a map displaying the location you entered on the "Edit General" section.

The info here should clarify any confusing bits about the directions to your race venue and important aid stations. Races that start and finish in different locations should include directions to the finish line.

WPA Points Logo

If your race is a WPA points, select "Yes". The WPA logo will appear on your race page next to the title, and athletes that race in your events will earn WPA points.

If you don't know what this is, you're probably not a WPA points. For more information, head over to the WPA website.

Social Media Integration

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, PaddleGuru will link to those pages from your race page.

Facebook Page

Enter the URL for your facebook page here.

Twitter Username

Enter your Twitter username. Make sure to enter your username, not a URL!) (We would enter "PaddleGuru", since our Twitter handle is @Paddleguru.)

Instagram Username

If you use Instagram, enter your username here.

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