How do I create events for my race?

Before you publish your race, you'll need to add events. You can do this at the "Races/Events" menu, in the "Edit" dropdown on the blue admin bar.

Click "Add an Event" to add your first event.

Adding an Event

PaddleGuru lets you organize your race into events, each of which can have many divisions.
Races typically add one event per course (Long Course vs Short Course, for example), and then add a number of divisions to help with the awards breakdowns.
PaddleGuru generates divisions from a combination of age groups, craft types and genders. If you create an event called "Long Course", and then add "K1" and "K2" under Craft Type and "Men's" and "Women's" under Gender, PaddleGuru will generate four distinct divisions for the Long Course event:
  • K1 Men
  • K1 Women
  • K2 Men
  • K1 Women
Registering for specific divisions within an event makes it easy to give out awards, and for athletes to compare themselves more easily to athletes of similar craft type and ability.

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