How do I create coupons for my race?

PaddleGuru lets you create custom coupons so you can give discounts or offer promotions to certain athletes. Coupons only apply to events, not to extras like meal tickets or t-shirt prices.

To see information about the coupons you've created, select "Coupons" from the "Edit" menu on your race's blue admin bar.
Click "Add a Coupon" to create a new coupon.

Adding a Coupon

The three important elements of a coupon are:
  • the coupon code,
  • the discount the coupon grants, and
  • the total number of coupons available.

Coupon Code

Athletes can add a coupon when they register for your race. The coupon code is NOT case sensitive, and spaces don't matter.

Discount Amount

The "Free for Paddler?" option controls the discount amount.
To fully comp a paddler that uses this coupon, select "Yes".
To discount some smaller, fixed amount, select "No" and enter the discount amount in US dollars (12.50, for example). If you enter an amount larger than the registration cost, the user's registration will be free. (A paddler can never discount himself into getting money back.)
The discount only applies to registrations, not to the extra items that athletes can purchase. This means that if a coupon fully comps a paddler, but that paddler buys extras, their credit card will still be charged.

Number of Coupons

The "Unlimited Coupons?" option controls the number of coupons available. To limit the coupon supply, select "No" and enter the number of coupons. PaddleGuru keeps track of the athletes that have used a particular coupon, and will stop honoring it once the coupon reaches its limit.

Viewing Coupons

Once you've created a coupon, it will appear on the coupon dashboard ("Edit" > "Coupons" on the blue admin bar). For each coupon, you can see
  • The coupon code
  • The number of coupons originally available
  • The discount amount
  • The names of athletes that have used the coupon so far
  • The number of coupons left.
You can edit any existing coupon with the "Edit" button on the right.

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