Race Cancellation

For race cancellations please follow the following steps:

1) Add :Cancelled in your race title so that people in the community are aware of the changes:

Navigate to Admin > general info > race name > add cancelled in the name

2) Turn OFF registration without Unpublishing the Race. 

Navigate to Admin > Edit > Registration Page > Make sure "Pay Now" and "Pay Later" are both turned off. This will prohibit any new registrations. 

3) Email all participants by navigating to: admin > view > registered paddlers > then click "Email Registrants" to email the entire startlist to let them know the event has been cancelled

4) If you allow refunds email support@paddleguru.com and let us know if we should refund the registrants with partial refunds or full refunds

note: if we refund a registration, our fee is refunded to the participant as well.  If you are not making $ neither are we.  Additonally many races that do not allow refunds choose to roll over registrations to the next years event.  Finally many races choose to postpone races to a later date as that allows events to adjust to whatever prompted the cancellation to begin with.

If you have any additional questions please email support@paddleguru.com

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