Timing Single Events

In the blue admin bar at the top of your regatta's, select the event's name from the "Timing" menu to get to the timing page for that event.
Make sure that only ONE person is timing a given event under your username. If you want a backup timer they should use one of the other admin accounts for your race. (For help with this, see  How do I Add Another Admin to our Race?).
If your machine is connected to the internet, the timing application will sync your results to the cloud in realtime. This means that if your computer dies, you can open up another machine, re-access the timing page and all the results you've already marked will be in the system, waiting for you to continue.
If you do lose your connection, don't worry; the timing app backs up locally as well. The next time you connect to the internet with the timing app open, results will sync up to the server.
You can make edits to times whenever you want. Click the red x by a finisher row to delete it, or the green arrow to insert a new row. You can also change racer number or racer times. When you're satisfied with the times, click "Publish Results" to post the results to your race page. Racers will be able to access these results under the "Results" tab.
The video walkthrough below gives a nice overview of the timing app's features and interface.

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