How do I edit an event's results?

Viewing/Editing Results and Awards: Once you submitted your results you will be taken to a page with a list of all entries; you should see the times that you just submitted for the current event (they might be at the bottom). You can sort by Event Name, Paddler Name, Boat Number, Craft, Age, Gender, Time, Rank, or Division Rank by clicking the appropriate header text (the grey row at the top). You can also filter using a text search where it says “Type here to search” on the blue admin bar.
To edit the results or view awards, select Results ­> EventName from the blue admin bar. Youwill see a list of all the finishers in order, with their racer numbers, finish times, and paddler info.  You can also use this page to manually enter results if you did not use our timing software (just enter racer number / finish time for each participant).
You can edit any racer number or finish time. They do not need to be in order, just make sure the racer number and finish time is correct for each row! If you see any blank text fields at the bottom it is because some paddlers that were registered did not get a finish time. The list of paddlers with no results is at the bottom; just enter their racer numbers and DNS or DNF into the empty finish time rows, and hit “Add Results!” when you are done.
When you add the results it will recompute the finish order based on the times. If you need to delete the event results for any reason (like you just did a practice run), then hit “Delete Results” at the bottom.

To view division awards, click “click here for division awards!” at the top of the page.

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