Viewing/Editing Registered Paddlers

To View the registered athletes for your race:
1) Navigate to Admin > View "Registered Paddlers"  then you can sort by name, date, payment or entries, or search by any criteria you see fit!

To Edit an athletes Registration, click the blue "Edit" button below their name. You will then be re-routed to their Registration (below is an example of that): 

Now you are on the Athlete's Registration and you can make any edits necessary. This includes even changing the event they registered for. (For this specifically just "Add Entry" for the race you want them to compete in and "Remove" their entry for the event they originally enrolled in). 

Don't forget to click "Submit" at the bottom when you are done with your adjustments to ensure you save your changes. 

Or you can delete entires using the "Delete From Race" button on the lower right corner.

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