Will PaddleGuru refund my registration fee?

For Organizers: Simply email support@paddleguru.com with the athletes name and if a partial refund is required simply let us know how much the athlete should be refunded!

For Athletes: Simply email the director and ask for a refund or email support@paddleguru.com fir a refund requests

We'll submit refunds to your bank immediately. You will then receive the funds from a refund in their account approximately 5–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated. (This is an aspect of how the banking system works.)

Note that refunds may appear in the form of a reversal. In the case of a reversal, the original payment will drop off of your customer's bank statement, and a separate credit is not issued.

If you would like assistance in determining the status of a refund you have processed, you are welcome to contact support@paddleguru.com

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