Your PaddleGuru Profile

Your PaddleGuru profile page lives at (You have to be logged in to see it.) Other athletes can see your profile at<username>.

Your profile shows races you've registered for and results for races you've already finished.

Current Registrations

Click on the "Entries" tab to see every race you've entered using PaddleGuru. (This includes past races and upcoming races.) Every race will have a row with some basic information.
Click the title" hyperlink to see the race page and browse the race's entries and results. Click "View Entries" to see exactly which events you've registered for.
To edit your registration for any of these races,
  1. click the hyperlinked race title to get to the race page
  2. click the Register button

Race Results

The "Results" tab has a line for every race you've entered. Click on the race name to expand the row and results for each event you've entered at the regatta.

Admin Tab

If you're an admin for any races on PaddleGuru, you'll see a third "Admin" tab with a list of races you administer. Click on the hyperlinked title to get to the race page, where you'll see more options for administering the race.

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