How can I register others, such as my children or other family members?

PaddleGuru is setup to provide a unified platform for registration, timing, and results. In order to facilitate this process, we currently require that each participant have a separate account to store their own times and results. You also have the option to add one person to your own registration (as long as they're in a different event), but then all the results will be under your name.

Once you're registered for the event, click the "logout" link in the upper right of the page, and navigate back to the race page that you want to register for. Click the blue "Register for Race" button, and either sign into the other person's account (if they already have one), or click sign up to create a new one. It only takes about 30 seconds to signup for a new account. You can, of course, pay for each person with the same credit card. Repeat the process for each member.

Each account requires a unique email. If you don't already have emails for each family member, one easy fix is to create just one Gmail account ( or use an existing Gmail account that you might already have (like Then when creating your PaddleGuru accounts, you can just append a '+' and the person's name. For instance "". All these emails will still get routed to the same email account. See here for more details.

We are currently working on ways to streamline this process to make it easier on families - in the meantime please bear with us! Please reach out to us at with any questions.

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