Race Day Tips and Prep

Some reminders for race day!

- Export->Registrations to get the spreadsheet to use for check in. You can print this whenever you close pre-registration online (by going to Edit->Registration and turning Pay Now and Pay Later to Off). Make sure you see the racer number column - theres 3 columns for each event (craft type, age group, and racer number). You'll want to ensure that the paddler knows their racer number when they check in - ideally you can sharpie it on them.

- Actions->Register a Paddler to do the day of registration, if you have any. We recommend one laptop per 30 people you expect to register day-of. Its best if a volunteer mans these laptops and fills out the information for paddlers, so it goes faster. When you submit a day of registration, it refreshes and there's a green bar at the top with the paddler's racer number. For OC-2s or surfski doubles you only have to enter the first paddler.

-If you need to make any edits to paddler registration, you can do so at  View->Registered Paddlers, and click edit by the name.

- Timing: Click Timing->"Event Name" to time that event.

Make sure that only ONE person is timing a given event under your username. If you want a backup timer they should use one of the other admin accounts for your race (which you can set at Edit->General Info and Race Admins at the bottom

If you want to time multiple events together, you can do so at Timing->Time Multiple Events. Pick the events you will be timing simultaneously. It will only let you time multiple events if racer numbers are unique. If you need to change racer numbers, you can do so at Actions->Custom Racer Numbers.

If you can be connected to wifi during the timing that would be best, so everything is backed up to the cloud, not just the computer that's doing the timing. Its also best to have someone just writing down racer numbers in the order of finish as a backup - you can insert them into the system later at any time.

You can make edits to times whenever you want. Click the red x by a finisher row to delete it, or the green arrow to insert a new row. You can also change racer number or racer times. Click 'publish results' at the bottom once you are ready.

-Results and Awards

Once you published times, you can still edit results at Results->"Event Name". Besides a time you can also enter DNS, DNF, or DQ.

The link to division awards is on that Results page as well - we make divisions for every possible combination. 

Another way to do the breakdowns manually is to go to View->Entries by Event.  To see all Mens SUP 14' for the short course, for example, in the 'Search hereā€¦' bar type in "short course sup 14' guy". You can click on the Rank or Time column header to sort.

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