How do I enter a cash or check payment?

If you received a cash or check payment for a paddler, and would like to enter the payment in PaddleGuru:

  1. go to View > Registrations on the blue Admin bar your race page.
  2. Click 'Edit' by the paddler's name to edit their registration.
  3. On their registration form, scroll down to Payment Type, and select 'Offline'.
  4. You can enter the amount of the cash/check payment, and any optional comments.

PaddleGuru will calculate their entry fee as if they had pre-registered online via credit card, but you can enter any dollar amount into the 'offline amount' text box. (We do this in case you're entering a pre-registration check payment on race day; if you configured a price bump for race day, and the check was for a smaller amount than the race day price, the Registrations view would still show that the athlete owed money. This decision ensures that the right athletes are marked as "Paid".)

All payments for a paddler are listed at the bottom of their registration. Once you submit your offline payment, you'll see it listed alongside any credit card payments the user may have made.

To delete an offline payment use the big red "Delete" button. (We don't currently have a way of editing the offline payment amounts, so if you need to change the amount of a check, delete and recreate the offline payment. Alternatively you can enter a second offline payment for the price difference.)

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