How do I add time offsets to an event's results? (Waves)

If you start racers in groups, not all at once, you'll want to add the appropriate offsets to each group of racers.

First time your event, starting the timer when the FIRST group of racers starts. Make sure to note when subsequent groups of racers start the race (i.e. what the delays are).

Once the last racer has finished, click "Publish" to submit the times.

Next, you'll want to go to the Edit Results page for your given event. (If you timed multiple events at once, repeat this process for each event).

For example, if you want to add an offset to the 5km event you just timed, go to Results->5km. Once you're on the Add/Edit Results page for your event, select the group of racers that you'll want to apply a time offset to. To do this, click the green 'Show Filters' button. You can select a subset of racers by gender, craft, or age group. You can select multiple divisions by holding down the ctrl or cmd key as you select. If you want to select all racers in the event you can skip the 'Show Filters' step.

Next click 'Show Offset'. Select the appropriate amount of hrs/mins/secs, and select Type 'Add' or 'Subtract'. Then click the blue 'Apply Offset!' button. The times will change by the given offset. Important: Once you're done applying your offsets, scroll to the bottom of the results page and click the Submit Results button to save your changes.

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